Monthly Archives: July 2012

Artist Tribute: Andy Warhol I

Here at the edge of the wood we are inspired by an artist who sees the beauty in everyday things, sort of like…squirrels. When asked to name which of his works was most special to him, he said it was his Campbell’s Soup Can. “I love it”, he said, adding, “I just paint things I always thought were beautiful, things you use every day and never think about…. I just do it because I like it” (cited in D. Bourdon, Warhol, New York, 1989, p. 90). Here’s to Andy, an original if there ever was one.

Artist Tribute: Jackson Pollock

Jackson and squirrelsHere on the east end of Long Island Jackson Pollock created some of his master works at his studio and home in the Springs.The squirrels are rejoicing at the energy of his work even though this is an imitation we painted with help from the famous Golden Eagle Art Supplies in East Hampton where Jackson himself stocked up. If you go to visit the studio make sure you stop by the Springs General Store where Jackson used to trade paintings for food. Here is our favorite Jackson painting video. The squirrels particularly like the well-behaved dog.

Squirrel frenemies

Squirrels eyeing each otherHere at the edge of the wood we noticed that some squirrels will dine quite close and others will not  tolerate each other. Is there a social structure at work? Does it depend on friendship or kinship? We noted some alpha behavior and some diplomatic maneuvers. Clearly these squirrels need to play a larger roll on the world stage. Here they are in front of the newly flowered kousa dogwood and cranberry viburnum.