When is a squirrel like a bat?

Squirrels and Grackles chat it up

Here at the feeder we love to watch everyone interact. We find these encounters quite complex, and we wonder what is truly going on. It has been found that squirrels can communicate via ultrasound on a frequency higher than human hearing just like bats. So while the squirrels, chipmunk and grackle look as if they are having an awkward social moment, they might actually discussing the upcoming Warhol retrospective at the Met surrounded by newly flowering phlox.

2 thoughts on “When is a squirrel like a bat?

  1. I love knowing that some of the best things going on in front of my eyes are out of range of my ears and perhaps comprehension of my brain. It allows me to simply appreciate the beauty of this kind of communication among creatures without having to “super-analyze” it. I just take it on faith that they know what they’re doing.

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