Blizzard Thank Yous

Two-handed peanut

Here at the edge of the wood we want to extend a heartfelt  thank you to everyone who took care of our animal friends during the big blizzard. This woman in Fort Tryon Park, New York City charmed us as did these Marine Unit Suffolk County police who rescued a baby deer from freezing waters as her deer family looked on. Let’s hear it for these firefighters in Natick, MA who saved an older horse who got stuck in the snow. Keep your eyes open people because one day an adorable animal may rescue you like Lilly the Pitt Bull who saved her unconscious owner from an oncoming train.

2 thoughts on “Blizzard Thank Yous

  1. Heroism always steps up to the plate at times like this and the true heroes never forget the smallest of the small and the most helpless of the helpless. How nice for them to be recognized and appreciated!!

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