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What Do Squirrels Do With Their Claws?

Claws or Paws

Squirrels are famous for acrobatic feats of daring in their quest to find food and evade predators. Their claws grip the bark as they race through trees at speeds reaching 10 to 15 mph.  These claws are also very useful when someone hasn’t said ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in front of a fresh batch of peanuts. Remember, good manners will get you far.

Are squirrels street smart?

squirrels and blue jays run away

Here at the edge of the wood we notice that all the animals have a super human/super hero sense of what is around them. The squirrels are in tune with the woods. They know the comings and goings of their neighbors, especially the predators. Are they completely defenseless? The California ground squirrel can heat up its tail, wave it in face of a predator that hunts with infrared, and confuse it (think snakes). This allows time for a Ninja-like get away. Scientists Aaron Rundus and Donald Owings said after making this discovery, “It taught us to focus on the perceptual world of the animal… rather than thinking only of human perceptions.” Thus, thinking like a squirrel may one day save you from a snake. Here they are among the new rhododendron flowers having a frisky morning.

What do squirrels do with those tails?

Squirrel sniffing impatienceHere at the feeder we notice many lovely tails. What do the squirrels use such long tails for? Research has indicated the longer the tail the more airborne feats of daring, thus flying squirrels have the longest and ground squirrels the shortest. We see the tail as an emotional barometer. Fear means a tail compact to the body, flight means a tail extended and ready for action. The displeasure tail is one that whips quickly from side to side, often accomplanied by a stare that could kill. But a happy tail is upright and fluffy like a flag waving gently in the breeze. Here we have a squirrel using superior tail balance to swoop down and sniff the impatiens.

Do squirrels love spring as much as we do?

All jump for joy, spring is here

Yes the squirrels, birds, and chipmunks seem to enjoy the spring. The chill of winter is behind them and it is time for a little fun. Food becomes more abundant, and everyone’s mind turns to love.  Here at the edge of the wood we notice the playfulness around the feeder. The squirrels are storing some of the food instead of immediately consuming it. We see them digging small holes and inserting a peanut or sunflower seed. Squirrels can remember hundreds of these caches and this survival technique helps the earth by dispersing seeds widely. So remember, the next time you see a giant tree, maybe it was a squirrel that actually planted it. Here they are among the tulips, forsythia, and daffodils jumping for joy.

Enter the Squirrels…

Squirrels acrobats

In the words of anthropologist  Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, for animals “…there are just two seasons- winter and nonwinter.” The winter of 2010-2011 was particularly harsh in the northeast. Here at the edge of the wood we stocked up our bird feeders and placed extra on the ground for the larger birds. But who showed up instead? A band of acrobatic squirrels capable of ground and air assaults on any bird feeder any time. We admire them for their stunning maneuvers, tenacious spirit, and social networking skills….old school style. So we set up our camera and tried to see what would could find out.