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Cardinals: Table for Two Please

Cardinal pair

Here at the edge of the wood it is always a joy to see a cardinal couple having a meal together. They mate for life, so if you see one, look around and you will surely see the other. Over at the Project FeederWatch Blog they are trying to figure out why males seem to frequent the feeders more than females. Could it be the ladies like to lunch elsewhere? Maybe with their girlfriends, a la Sex in the City. Do ┬áthe guys need some male-bonding time? Perhaps it’s not such a mystery after all.

Squirrel frenemies

Squirrels eyeing each otherHere at the edge of the wood we noticed that some squirrels will dine quite close and others will not  tolerate each other. Is there a social structure at work? Does it depend on friendship or kinship? We noted some alpha behavior and some diplomatic maneuvers. Clearly these squirrels need to play a larger roll on the world stage. Here they are in front of the newly flowered kousa dogwood and cranberry viburnum.