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Are squirrels street smart?

squirrels and blue jays run away

Here at the edge of the wood we notice that all the animals have a super human/super hero sense of what is around them. The squirrels are in tune with the woods. They know the comings and goings of their neighbors, especially the predators. Are they completely defenseless? The California ground squirrel can heat up its tail, wave it in face of a predator that hunts with infrared, and confuse it (think snakes). This allows time for a Ninja-like get away. Scientists Aaron Rundus and Donald Owings said after making this discovery, “It taught us to focus on the perceptual world of the animal… rather than thinking only of human perceptions.” Thus, thinking like a squirrel may one day save you from a snake. Here they are among the new rhododendron flowers having a frisky morning.